Covers in Color Terms of Service - Effective February 13, 2020

These are the terms set forth relating to our business practices. This relates to all services we provide and is subject to change without notification.

Cover art

Cover art is designed by Covers in Color with the use of licensed stock photography, stock images, vectors, illustrations, or licensed photography directly from the photographer, illustrator, or legal owner of the featured image(s). Any image used in our cover art is protected under the license agreements obtained and must have a model release, unless otherwise noted. 

Changes to the completed cover art is strongly prohibited by the license agreements. 

No image is sold without an appropriate license. 

Stock Photography

Stock images or native files are not provided to the client. This is to protect the copyright of our work as well as to ensure we adhere to any license requirements for stock photography etc.
Upon purchase of a cover design, you are held responsible to adhere to and maintain the terms and conditions related to the stock image(s) used in your cover art. Covers in Color will provide a copy of the terms or agreement upon request.

Font Use

Covers in Color will only use fonts that have been licensed for commercial use.


All pre-designed cover art is created and sold to one customer on a first come-first serve basis. Custom cover art is created specifically for one author or publisher and is never re-created for another client. Covers in Color does utilize stock photography and images to develop designs, meaning that other companies, designers, authors, etc. could use the same image(s) for their own work. Covers in Color cannot be held responsible in this event.

Rejection of a Project

Covers in Color maintains the right to reject any project we feel is not a good fit for our company or that encompasses questionable or offensive items.


Payment is due upon purchase, unless otherwise arranged with the designer.


For pre-designed work - Cancellation of a any pre-designed project before work has been completed by the designer, will entitle clients to a full refund.
For custom work - Custom projects must be cancelled prior to or during the concept phase, in order to receive a full refund.