Effective 1/1/2021

Our pre-made covers have been created as a cohesive project. While we do not typically make changes to the cover art itself, there are several ways we can tailor our designs to create your perfect book cover.


What we can do:

  • Update the generic text (i.e. Author Surname) to reflect your personal info- The display text is simply there for a visual element. Upon purchase, it will be replaced with your information, such as book title, author name, subtext, and any other text elements that you would like to have featured on your cover. 
  • Adding additional lines of text- Adding an additional line of text can be done whether or not the option is displayed on the pre-made design. In very rare occasions, we may advise against it if it will 'muddy' the overall design, but most times, we can take care of it with no problem.
  • Coloring and placement of text- We will work to give you the proper effect you're looking for on your cover. However, keep in mind that while we want you to have your perfect cover, some color choices may not work with the overall design. If this occurs, we will work together to get your cover where it needs to be.
  • Fonts- The font choices we select may not be what you want for your cover. If you have a specific font in mind, let us know. If we have it licensed for commercial use, we can use it, otherwise, you will have to select a different font. Please do not send us font files. It may violate your license terms and we are unable to use them.  
  • Basic Re-positioning- Depending on the cover art design, we can adjust the position of some elements in the cover art, such as: move objects, cover models, or enlarge or reduce images, at no additional cost. 
  • Incorporating your publishing logo or nameplate- If you have a logo that you want displayed on your cover, or an author nameplate, feel free to send us the file and we'll include it in your cover design. This includes series logos, emblems, etc. Just make sure you send us a high-resolution, scalable, transparent PNG file to work with.
Other minor adjustments may be available for an additional cost. These adjustments include:
  • Hair, skin, or eye color change- Most of the time we are able to make these adjustments, however, depending on the images used, these changes may not be feasible.
  • Make-up or hair changes - Options for minor modifications may be available in some cases.
  • Changes to clothing color- If we are able to make these changes, which again, depends on the actual stock image(s) used, we will do so.


If we are able to perform the changes you’re requesting, we will provide you with a formal quote. If you accept the costs, we will invoice you and get started on your design once payment has been remitted.


What we can't do:

Keep in mind, pre-made covers are pre-designed and priced as such. Expecting a complete redesign goes far beyond the scope of a pre-made. Therefore, some adjustments are not an option.


The following items are not available for any pre-made covers:

  • Adding additional stock images or design elements.
  • Changing or swapping a cover model.
  • Adding a cover model or other element.
  • Removing a cover model or other element.
  • Advanced image manipulation.
  • Revamping the cover art in its entirety.

If you’re looking for more than basic adjustments, a custom cover design may suit your needs.