Before booking your custom cover design, it’s important to understand the process so you’ll know what to expect. Be sure to check out our FAQ for more information on all of our services. Or, contact us if you have any other questions.



Scope & Schedule 

Complete as much detail as possible in your Custom Cover Order Submission. This helps us understand what you're looking for in your cover design. Based on the information you provide, we will send you a Custom Design Detail via email. This will include the outline of your cover concept and projected timeline.

Review this information thoroughly and let us know if there is a need for any changes. If we can accommodate the changes, we will revise your Custom Design Detail and send it back out for review/approval.

There will be additional costs if you require advanced image manipulation or extensive design work. A formal quote will be provided to you before moving forward with scheduling your project. *No work will start until payment has been received in full. 

*Please be sure to review your project detail thoroughly, as any changes requested after approval has been provided will be considered 'out of scope' and may require additional fees and/or delay your cover design.

Concept & Design

Upon approval of the design detail, we will create a cover mock-up (or two), and send for your review/approval. The mock-up(s) will be sent in accordance with the timeline provided. 

Upon approval of the mock-up, we will license all the necessary images and/or fonts required to produce the initial proof of your cover art. 

*Please note: Mock-ups may be created with unlicensed images or other elements. These items usually contain watermarks and are sent in a low-resolution format. Covers in Color will not license any material, including stock images, until we have received your approval of a design mock-up.


Review the proofs and provide any feedback and/or changes you would like to see in your design as possible. It’s important to get back to us as soon as you can so that we can work through any revisions you may need.

We will perform no more than 3 sets of revisions for custom cover designs. If for any reason you require more than 3 revisions, additional fees will be applied.


Upon approval of your cover design, we will finalize your book cover and send your upload-ready files via email. If you have ordered an eBook + Print package and do not have the final print details, we may email your eBook file and send your print wrap when you have provided the details we need to finalize the print design.

Once your final files have been delivered, the project will be considered 'complete'. Any changes requested after this point will be billed as an additional service.