Our pre-made covers have been created as a cohesive project. While we do not typically make changes to the cover art itself, there are several ways we can tailor our designs to create your perfect book cover.

Here is a list of the modifications included in the price of our pre-made covers:
Update the generic text (i.e. Author Surname) to reflect your personalized info-

The display text is simply there for a visual element. Upon purchase, it will be replaced with your information, such as book title, author name, subtext and any other text elements that you would like to have featured on your cover.

Coloring and placement of text-

We will work to give you the proper color and effect you're looking for on your cover. This includes making sure you have the color, contrast and position you'd like to see on your final cover. However, keep in mind that while we want you to have your perfect cover, some color choices may not work with the overall design. If this occurs, we will work together to get your cover where it needs to be, which is nothing less than perfection!


The font choices we select may not be what you want for your cover. If you have a specific font in mind let us know, if we have licensed for commercial use, we can use it. Or, if you have an idea of what you would like to see, we can work together to give you visual choices to help you decide what would work best for your cover. Additionally, you are certainly free to use the font choice we've displayed on the pre-made cover. The rule of thumb is to select what works best for your story.

At Cost Pre-made Cover Revisions
We may be able to apply changes that are not listed in the basic above list, however, there will be an additional fee associated with each modification. Covers in Color will provide you with an itemized quote prior to performing any work. Upon your approval, we will proceed with the design process as normal, however, upon final approval of the design, you will be billed for the additional work (either the quoted price or less than). The invoice must be paid in full, prior to the delivery of your final cover files.

Image Manipulation
Additional $15.00 for each element changed/ payable via invoice.

Hair, skin, or eye color change- Most of the time we are able to make these adjustments, however, depending on the images used, these changes may not be feasible.

• Changes to clothing color- If we are able to make these changes, which again, depends on the actual stock image(s) used, we will do so.

• Image re-positioning- If you require the image or cover art to be re-positioned in any way, such as: moved vertically, horizontally, enlarged or reduced, this will require a complete change in the layout and perhaps additional time to reformat your eBook and/or print cover(s).

Adding Additional Stock Images:
Additional pricing for this option will be quoted to you and billed via invoice, upon approval.

• If there is a need for Covers in Color to license an additional stock image, please be advised that the stock image price will be billed to you, in addition to any fee for the work conducted on your cover.

• If you have purchased your own license, please contact us directly. Sometimes, the stock image licenses do not permit us to work on an image unless we have secured a license ourselves. There are exceptions though, so get in touch with us to see what we can do.
If none of our pre-made options work for you, you may be interested in a Custom Cover Design.

Examples of At Cost Revisions
Scroll through gallery to see examples