Our pre-made covers have been created as a cohesive project. While we do not typically make changes to the cover art itself, there are several ways we can tailor our designs to create your perfect book cover.

Here is a list of the modifications included in the price of our pre-made covers:
Update the generic text (i.e. Author Surname) to reflect your personal info-
The display text is simply there for a visual element. Upon purchase, it will be replaced with your information, such as book title, author name, subtext and any other text elements that you would like to have featured on your cover.

Coloring and placement of text-
We will work to give you the proper effect you're looking for on your cover. However, keep in mind that while we want you to have your perfect cover, some color choices may not work with the overall design. If this occurs, we will work together to get your cover where it needs to be.

The font choices we select may not be what you want for your cover. If you have a specific font in mind, let us know. If we have it licensed for commercial use, we can use it, otherwise, you will have to select a different font. Please do not send us font files. It may violate your license terms and we are unable to use them.  

Basic Re-positioning-
We can adjust the position of some elements in the cover art, such as: move objects, cover models, or enlarge or reduce images, at no additional cost.

Pre-made Upgrade
Requests for major revisions will require the purchase of Pre-made Upgrade.

Upgraded Revisions are as follows:

  • Hair, skin, or eye color change- Most of the time we are able to make these adjustments, however, depending on the images used, these changes may not be feasible.
  • Changes to clothing color- If we are able to make these changes, which again, depends on the actual stock image(s) used, we will do so.
  • Incorporating additional stock images or design elements.

Please note, revisions do not include advanced image manipulation (such as replacing a cover model, image, etc.) or revamping the cover in its entirety.

If you're looking for more than just revisions, please order a Custom Cover Design