Frequently Asked Questions


Do your designs only feature multiracial models?
Are there any genres that Covers in Color does not design for?
Why can't I find you on Facebook?
How can I credit Covers in Color?


Do you re-sell pre-made covers?
What if I see a cover I like, but, I haven’t finalized the title? Should I hold off on purchasing it?
What if I see a pre-made cover I like, but I am not able to purchase it right away. Can you hold it for me?
I purchased a cover, but, I now see something more suitable for my book. Can I swap it for another design?
Can I change the final files after I receive them?
Can you create a cover with a stock image that I licensed myself?
Can I order a print cover after I ordered an eBook cover?


What information do you need for my print cover?
My page count has been changed since I’ve ordered. What do I need to do?
Do I need an ISBN for a print cover?
I just received my cover proof from my printer and there is an error, what should I do?


Can I order a custom cover design in advance?
Do I have to purchase my own stock images?
What if I want to use a stock image that is licensed under CC0 or public domain?


Am I able to use my logo for business cards, banners, swag, etc.?
Does my logo come with a license? If so, what does that allow?
What is considered unauthorized use?
What revisions can be made with a pre-designed logo?